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New Review of "A Tribute to Glenn Gould"

The latest album release from Bluesleep Music​ has inspired this brand new review of the very album that started the Music for Dreams journey over a decade ago. Bach's Goldberg Variations were commissioned by an insomniac, which in turn compelled Dr. Jordan Stern of BlueSleep - Sleep Health and Wellness​ to commission the Music for Dreams collection for his sleepless patients. The translation from Dutch below - many thanks to Jan de Kruijff:

Polish-American Magdalena Stern-Baczewska​ occupies a special place in the large company of interpreters of Bach's Goldberg Variations, because she plays both harpsichord and piano and has played both the harpsichord and the piano version once in one evening.

In "A Tribute to Glenn Gould," she plays the first and the last work that the legendary pianist recorded on this CD and she does it sensitively, nicely nuanced and imaginative, without any slumps, and with a warm tone. Both works sound whole and fairly intimate, which contributes to good communication.

She plays the theme in all innocence and simplicity, has an excellent technique, shows spiritual depth. The chosen tempi feel right, there is some rhythmic freedom, the ornaments are discreet, and the whole has an element of diversity and contrast.

Even those already in possession of one of Perahia's renditions (Sony 5099706-8924324), Schiff (ECM 472.185-2), Angela Hewitt (Hyperion CDA 68146) and Alexandre Tharaud (Erato 2564-605177-9) should definitely listen to Baczewska.

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