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First album reviews are coming in!

The Classical Music Guide Online

Those who read my CMG review of Magdalena Baczewska’s New York recital last month for the International Keyboard Institute and Festival will know of my enthusiasm for her playing, particularly as an exponent of the music of Chopin and Szymanowski. This soon-to-be released CD on the Paraty label did nothing to change my mind! She understands the idioms of these composers so well, and never takes a false step stylistically. She produces a big, bronze tone and plays everything with ideas and color (ie never blandly). Ms. Baczewska has excellent technique but doesn’t need to “show off.” For instance, her A-Flat Ballade is a minute and a quarter longer than one of my other favorite performances, but it’s warm, gracious and expressive. Highly recommended. Donald Isler

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