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Dans le noir/In the Dark - New on YouTube

Sometimes, I like to practice in the dark. It sharpens my sense of hearing, and allows me to really listen. A little while ago, I recorded my practice session at Yamaha Artist Services in NYC. Although the iPhone mic picked up the sound of the air coming through the ducts, I want to share this video with you anyway, because the light of my iPad created an interesting atmosphere, comparable to that of a candlelit room in the 18th century (remember Tous le matins du monde?). Your attention will hopefully be drawn to the magical beauty of the music, created for the harpsichord, performed here on a Yamaha CFIIIS.

Dans le noir / In the Dark

Rameau & Couperin; Magdalena Baczewska, piano

F. Couperin: Les barricades mystérieuses

J. P. Rameau: L'entretien des muses

J. P. Rameau: Les soupirs

J. P. Rameau: Musette et rondeau

J.P. Rameau: Les tendres plaintes



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