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American Women play American Women

In 2019, Ms. Baczewska and the Cassatts performed at the Italian Academy to a completely full audience, who "were clearly moved by the music and offered standing ovations," wrote Rick Whitaker, Italian Academy concert manager in Columbia News. "It was a concert I always describe as the best we've ever presented," he said.

All three composers on the program were pioneers and groundbreaking musicians. Price was the first Black woman to have her music performed by a major orchestra. Moore, who lived in New York City until her death last year, was co-founder of Symphony of the New World, the first racially-integrated orchestra in the United States. Beach is known for being the first woman to have a symphony performed by a major orchestra in 1896.

On the program, the CSQ performs Moore's "Modes" and Prices' String Quartet No. 1, and is joined by Baczewska for Beach's Piano Quintet in F-sharp minor. Baczewska also performs Fantaisie nègre for solo piano by Price.

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