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for Dreams 
chill hop remix

MUSIC FOR DREAMS HYPNO CHILL HOP REMIX was created by Magdalena in collaboration with Gene Pritsker, to help transport your body to a state of ultimate relaxation and restful sleep. Inspired by lo-fi hiphop and lounge music, the album was produced together with Bluesleep®, a medical team researching sleep disorders.


Martial Arts Cycle for Piano, Violin, and Violoncello

Magdalena Baczewska, piano; Eldblørg Hemsing, violin; Jing Zhao, violoncello

The Washington Post: "An epic multimedia production, full of big-screen amotions and unabashed melodrama." 
The New York Times: "A mix of Hollywood grandeur and primal, percussive vitality." 

Ta Kung Pao: " [Martial Arts Cycle] is Tan Dun's understanding of Eastern and Western cultures, his grand tribute to the Chinese culture and to humanistic ideas."

Magdalena Baczewska plays
Chopin and Szymanowski


American Record Guide: "...excellent interpretive knowledge of Bach and the Baroque period appears in her clean lines and balanced, lyrical Szymanowski and Chopin (...) Richness and grace (...) finely woven under her fingers (...) ease of execution (...) rich lyricism." 

Classical Music Guide Online: "Warm, gracious and expressive (...) She understands the idioms of these composers so well, and never takes a false step stylistically. She produces a big, bronze tone and plays everything with ideas and color.  Ms. Baczewska has excellent technique but doesn’t need to 'show off.'" 
Musikalifeiten: "imagination and spontaneity (...) aristocratic character, free from pretentiousness or banality, and after a beautifully played slow introduction, the Grande Polonaise sounds proud and heroic (...) A fascinating program performed on high level." 

David Dubal on Reflections from the Keyboard: "Wonderfully lyrical, beautifully shaped."

Philippe Entremont: "Simply admirable! (...) I have never heard better playing since Rubinstein!"

Adam Rozlach, Polish Radio: "​Played with a breath of ​Ro​manticism, beautiful sound, and thoughtfulness. Sensuous, sensitive, delicate and lyrical, yet not limiting the climactic power.​" 

Classical Music: "Magdalena Baczewska is a magnificent Chopin player! She does not play this music in the manner of Rubinstein, Friedman, Horowitz or anyone else. She has her own unique voice, and stylistically never falters. Her rubato is always natural, and she brings out wonderful changes of color during modulations. She never has the need to “shout,” or bang, yet always brings off high points successfully. This pianist’s technique is always there, her sound always beautiful and unforced, and her idiomatic understanding of this music is complete."

A Tribute to Glenn Gould: Magdalena Baczewska plays Bach's Goldberg Variations

American Record Guide: "An uncommonly good recording."

The Gramophone:  “Beautiful and intimately scaled."


This record features J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations & Richard Strauss' Piano Sonata Op. 5: the first and last piano works recorded by the legendary pianist Glenn Gould.


Adam Rozlach, Polish Radio: "Baczewska is a very sensitive pianist, perfectly comfortable with Bach's difficult musical matter. I am impressed by her imagination with which she communicates the vastness of this music. Her playing is warm, allowing intimacy with the music and its interpretation."

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Music for Dreams, Vol. 1

MUSIC FOR DREAMS was recorded to help transport your body to a restful and deep sleep. The album is a marriage of music and medicine. The peaceful sounds will help regulate your breathing and heart rate, and induce a healthy and regenerative sleep.

Music for Dreams, Vol. 2

MUSIC FOR DREAMS, Vol. 2 was recorded with the intention of inducing a deep and restorative sleep for both adults and children. Volume I was clinically tested and shown to decrease sleep latency time in children by up to 50% (this is the time it takes to fall asleep from the time that lights are turned out).

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Music for Dreams, Vol. 3

In MUSIC FOR DREAMS, Vo.l 3, the hypnotic qualities of the music are emphasized in this new compilation of piano classics. Baczewska purposely minimizes fluctuations in tempo, volume, and style to help promote the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

In Search of Bach's Cantabile

The past generations of performance educators have stressed the smooth sequence of tones as the basis of cantabile style. This notion has infiltrated most of the music literature. The author revisits the influence of the art of ancient oratory on vocal and instrumental music. Sources of the discussion include writings of Plato, Quintilian, and Cicero, as well as treatises on the subject of rhetoric. Other materials include a sampling of the music literature of the Baroque with special focus on the music of J. S. Bach. The reader is introduced to aspects of articulation constituting a cantabile performance, the vocal potential of keyboard instruments, and means of creating an intelligible discourse on a keyboard. The implication is that singing and playing not only require a smooth sequence of tones, but also demand a deep commitment to meaning and clarity of communication. This work should help the reader achieve a more thorough understanding of the message conveyed in music, and should be useful to music students and teachers alike.

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